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    How to plan a website that boosts your marketing strategy

    How to plan a website that boosts your marketing strategy

    The design of a website is one of the crucial elements to consider when driving a marketing strategy, as every aspect contributes, and the site is the first point of contact to attract and retain potential customers.

    Therefore, it's essential to plan a website that has the necessary elements to start fulfilling the objectives set by a business, and one of the simplest ways is to use the tools available in the HubSpot arsenal along with one of the best themes for website creation: Ocean.

    In this article, we'll explore how you can begin planning a website to boost your marketing strategy with the help of Ocean. We'll delve into the pillars for executing this efficiently.

    Marketing Strategy: Pillars and Key Considerations


    A good marketing strategy must consider 4 essential elements, which you should take into account when starting a website, as losing sight of one of these elements could result in not achieving your objectives.

    1. Research

    The first pillar that makes a significant difference in a strategy is the preliminary research before all the objectives you want to achieve, as this allows you to find the best options to start and always develop the best content.

    When planning a website that aids in marketing, you must observe that there are tools that have a high impact on cost, which represents significant savings. It's not the same to create a website from scratch without any help as it is to have a theme, for example.

    In the case of HubSpot, although it has the tools to develop a page easily, there are options that limit the imagination or the ideal of a website, and therefore, there are themes, among which Ocean is one of the best as it removes the limits and lets you create what you are thinking.

    Likewise, within this research, you will discover that it has preparation for the creation of valuable design, optimization on each of the pages you have to design, and SEO.

    Hand in hand with the tools provided by HubSpot, it becomes a powerful combo to drive any marketing strategy with always favorable results for your business.

    2. Sales Funnel

    Once you have the first part defined, and you don't have to worry about long months in the design of your website thanks to Ocean, you can focus on the next part of the strategy, which is thinking about the sales funnel.

    Without this, you cannot convert visits into customers, so designing it efficiently is a key point, whether it's B2C or B2B, you should start developing it.

    Ocean allows your site to meet the usability and responsive design requirements necessary to keep users on your website for longer, and all in a simple way thanks to its powerful editor.

    So, you just have to focus your energy on strategies that allow you to attract more customers, make them aware of the brand, and automate processes. At the end of the day, when you have a good website, the emphasis is now on the funnel processes to attract new customers and retain the ones you already have.

    3. Content


    Content is king, one of the most weighty phrases in the world of marketing. If you manage to create the best content oriented to satisfy the needs or questions of your audience, success is guaranteed.

    Your content sells, attracts, and helps you retain users who visit your website. Through this marketing pillar, you position yourself in search engines like Google, leading to increased sales.

    However, it's not just about having good content to add value to the customer; your site must also have the technical aspect and be optimized while being responsive.

    This concern, as we have already mentioned, is eliminated with themes like Ocean because each of its elements or modules is already designed to meet Google's requirements, which is good practice for better rankings.

    With Ocean, your focus will be on creating the best content because the pages are designed to always offer the best through their tools. You just have to drag and drop the module you want to edit, and you're ready to go.

    4. Measuring Results

    Finally, a marketing strategy must include measuring results, as it's important to know if what we're doing is working. Once we've eased into website design thanks to Ocean, its collaboration with HubSpot makes this element very straightforward.

    With HubSpot's tools, you can track your website metrics easily to see the results, implement measurable campaigns, take concrete actions, all within reach of just a few clicks.

    Additionally, you can create workflows, ads, email marketing strategies, and more. HubSpot offers a complete suite for this task and your marketing strategy.

    How to Plan Your Website


    Now that you're familiar with the pillars of a good marketing strategy, planning your website will be straightforward, especially with Ocean at your disposal. You just need to focus on a few steps.

    Let's share the key points for the successful development of your website; these are small tips that can help you in this aspect.

    a) Define Objectives

    The first step is to identify the purpose of the site, which you already know from your focus. You'll simply need to input into Ocean what you want to achieve, whether it's promotional, a sales catalog, a site for addressing questions or comments, among others.

    Here, you'll also establish goals for the project, such as the number of visits, ebook downloads, newsletter subscriptions, etc. Remember that you'll be able to measure all of this thanks to the HubSpot suite.

    b) Site Structure

    One of the benefits Ocean offers is that you don't need a web development team or programmers to achieve a quality end product, as it's equipped with the best tools in the market to make everything simple.

    So, you'll be able to save a significant amount of capital without sacrificing the quality of the website. You'll just need to define the sections or pages that will live within the site, as well as the content each page should have.

    Everything should be directed towards achieving the objectives you set at the beginning of this journey, so make the most of what HubSpot and Ocean have to offer.

    c) Content Strategy


    It's important to note that content isn't solely defined at the beginning; it's something that is published and updated according to what's happening with Google and its metrics for ranking within its search engine.

    Therefore, it's crucial to assign someone to review and keep the website fresh, whether through the blog or in the site's own sections. Fortunately, everything can be done through HubSpot, and the assigned task will have the necessary tools to facilitate it.

    d) Web Design

    As with the initial development phase, design is an essential part and can cause headaches because it must be aesthetic but also functional and usable. If a website looks nice but is slow or unintuitive, you won't achieve any conversions.

    Here, Ocean comes into play again with its modules and powerful editor, equipped as we've already mentioned, with efficient web usability options to achieve success from the start.

    e) Test the Site

    Before launching it live, perform the tests you deem appropriate to ensure nothing is overlooked. Share it with friends or family to navigate through the website and provide feedback for any necessary corrections.

    Additionally, visit the site from different devices to verify that it adapts to any screen size. Even if you're designing with Ocean, you should still conduct tests, and this is easy because there are previews available to ensure you don't encounter any problems.

    Ocean, the best ally in planning and creating your website



    Planning a website to boost your marketing strategy can be very straightforward with HubSpot and Ocean, making them the best option in this regard. With the tools they both offer, each of the points we've covered can be achieved easily.

    Start your company's success with us and unlock your full potential with Ocean. Get in touch and schedule a meeting. We're not just experts in web design but also in utilizing HubSpot in the most effective way possible.