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An Award-Winning HubSpot Theme

Build your website with the power of Ocean and HubSpot —without the hassle.

Take control of your website and unleash the potential of every aspect of HubSpot software: more traffic, more leads, better automation, greater performance… and better yet, more and better business opportunities.

Your redesign in hours
Professional for less money
Easy and unlimited support 
Ocean Theme - CMS HubSpot

Incredible templates for website, for landing pages, for content blog, for pillar pages

Explore the different templates available in Ocean Pro. Get to know more than 45 modules.

Unleash the potential of HubSpot

Drag and drop

Create, update and optimize your website quickly... without a developer.

  • Take advantage of the full potential of HubSpot's intuitive builder.
  • Drag and drop modules to create new sections with columns, rows and all the available options
  • Adjustable options for mobile version in custom modules.
  • 45+ website, landing page and blog templates.
  • 45+ custom modules with styling options for you to tap into your creative side.
  • More than 20 reusable sections totally different from the ones included in the templates.
  • Technical support included.
  • Weekly updates and improvements.
Editing in mobile view

Edit styles with the mobile view enabled in Ocean Theme

With this feature you can edit in the mobile version, section spaces, columns, rows and common modules included in CMS HubSpot.

100% code-free

Edit quickly and easily

All the modules included in Ocean Pro were designed to get the maximum potential of HubSpot CMS, so you can combine one or several modules to create spectacular sections.

Plus, you can customize the styles of the content displayed by the module, and in some cases, you can change the structure to get more customization and style.

Awesome modules

100% customizable modules

We have created about 50 customizable modules, to which we have added several options that will allow you to make multiple combinations.

All Ocean modules use the two tabs: Content and Styles, so it will be easier for you to create sections. In the Content tab are all the fields and options of the displayed content.

Find the styles that you can edit In the Styles tab to add the touch and personality according to your brand.

Mega Menu 100% code-free

Spectacular Mega Menu

With our powerful Header is very easy to add a mega menu.

Sections, columns and rows

Over 200 combinations

We have created over 40 powerful modules, ideal for displaying all types of content that you can combine with common CMS Hub modules. The modules were built to be used in columns and rows of the HubSpot CMS drag-and-drop page builder.

Ocean Theme Sections


Use the more than 30 sections, in which we have combined modules with different customizations and settings.

Incredible Templates

Learning center

The learning center template allows you to concentrate all your brand's valuable content to attract, engage and delight your potential customers.

Learning center page

Thinking about if choosing a theme is the best thing to do?

We have created OCEAN to help you achieve success with your website. Here are some questions that may help clear your doubts.

Why use a theme?
Is everything in the preview included?
Is there anything that cannot be customized?
Will there be updates?
Which version of HubSpot do I need?
How to start your site?
Can I request major modifications?
How do I get support?

Ocean CTA

Powerful and beautiful calls to action with multiple options to create and test the best. Background image, background video, background color or gradient. Merge a color layer or gradient over the image or video.

Ocean CTA
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