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    Why Ocean Pro?

    Today I want to tell you about the reasons that I think might help you determine if Ocean Pro can help you get what you are looking for or if it is not the best option for you. It is not our goal to convince you just for the sake of it.

    If you are evaluating purchasing a theme from HubSpot's marketplace, this will help you make the decision between if a theme is ideal and if Ocean Pro could help you.

    To get everything in order, we'll start by explaining why it's useful to use a marketplace theme and what you need to get the most out of it.

    What HubSpot licenses do HubSpot Marketplace themes work for?

    In the HubSpot assets marketplace there are currently 3 types of assets: templates, modules and themes. As of half a year ago, the newest assets that are currently receiving updates are themes. Single templates are no longer supported and are no longer able to receive updates; the same goes for single modules. HubSpot has commented that they are evaluating a better way to implement them.

    As a result of the above, the most sought after asset type in the marketplace is themes. The versions for which they apply and fit perfectly well are:

    Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise

    The Pro and Enterprise versions of the Marketing Hub allow companies to create landing pages by using special templates created for landing pages or create it with the modules included in the Themes. In addition, customers of these versions can create one or several blogs. Marketplace Themes have: they are listing and post type blog templates.

    There are themes in the marketplace that may have more of a focus on this type of licensing, as they tend to have more page templates, several blog templates and fewer section-oriented templates for a site.

    Which brings us to talk about the other Hub that fits perfectly with most themes.

    CMS Hub Pro and Enterprise

    This version of the HubSpot Suite is where owners can create web pages, landing pages and blogs, and is the reason it has the best fit with most HubSpot Marketplace themes that have specific templates for pages that would carry a website, plus templates and blog.

    Both the CMS Hub and Marketing Hub in the Pro and Enterprise versions have access to the native calls-to-action and video module, which allows you to use Themes that are predefined within their templates or modules, something that is not possible with the other CMS Hub version.

    Let's talk about the CMS Hub Starter version.

    CMS Hub Starter

    This version supports themes only in the creation of web pages and allows you to choose a template from a blog Marketplace Theme. The landing pages use the drag and drop builder, but do not support the use of templates, so in this version you will not be able to use any templates from either free themes or paid themes.

    Another limitation, as I mentioned, is that you can't use calls to action or HubSpot's native video player. In case any theme has these options enabled, you won't be able to perform the installation in case it's free or make the purchase.

    Other than those details, you can use the theme to create up to 25 website pages and configure the blog templates according to the customization of the purchased theme.

    So far you know that you can use HubSpot marketplace themes if you have a Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise version account and CMS Hub in Starter, Pro and Enterprise versions; no free version supports theme usage for now.

    Let's take a look at the benefits of Ocean Pro

    Ocean Pro Theme Benefits

    The Ocean Pro theme was built based on more than 10 years of experience of the Media Source team. The processes and lessons learned in the creation of more than 200 sites made the design team, as well as the marketing and development team apply the best practices and, above all, avoid generating friction in any member of the teams involved in the day-to-day management of the website in one way or another.

    HubSpot Themes Challenge 2021

    In addition to the above, the theme was built to participate in the HubSpot Themes Challenge 2021 and we are pleased to write that Ocean Pro won the Grand Prize: Best Overall Theme.

    With the judging criteria as follows:
    • Design and usability: Themes were evaluated based on their visual appeal and how easy they are to navigate and use from a website visitor's perspective.
    • Technical Optimization: It was analyzed in detail how the code is organized, how well their pages work, and how easy it is to customize the theme.
    • Features: Themes were evaluated based on the quantity and quality of assets and the experience customers can expect when customizing a theme for their organization.
    • Accesibility: Themes were tested for accessibility best practices to ensure they provide a positive experience for users who rely on these features.
    • Originality and impact: Does the theme address a unique industry need, does it stand out, and does it meet the requirements of the categories in which it competes?

    Plus the criteria that made us winners we see the following benefits:

    Modules with various combinations

    Ocean Pro has more than 45 custom modules. Although there are themes that can have a similar number, something we are looking for in Ocean is to be able to exceed the limit set for HubSpot Marketplace, which is 50 by using 1 or 2 properties that allow us to add a different design and layout in the same module.

    We have tested in the Hero Banner module close to 100 combinations using the available options and styles that allow us to apply more settings.

    In most modules you can simply switch from one option to another to modify the way the content is displayed, giving you the freedom to make updates without major changes or A/B testing.

    Another benefit of Ocean Pro is that content and styling are displayed separately, so the editing experience is improved for content teams and not limited to design teams.

    Over 30 saved sections

    When you purchase Ocean Pro you have, additional to the 45+ templates and custom modules, the incredible amount of 50 saved sections that combine modules, configurations and preset styles that will allow you to build each page of your website more agile. 

    You can start with a blank template and use the sections to build a page in no time. The sections preload the modules, options that we activated and styles that were applied, but you can always change them.

    Best of all? For as long as possible, we'll keep adding sections.

    Powerful mega menu easy to use

    The mega menu is a custom module that fascinates us. Not only did the development team love it (which, in the beginning, faced many challenges), but the design and content team loved it. We tested several options and early versions required adding certain lines in one place and then putting them in another to make it work... if something was misplaced, doing it all over again was frustrating.

    We tested 7 versions and the final version required a simple 3-step image to understand how it worked and to be able to create many versions of the Mega Menu without so much effort and the best part.... with a desire to keep testing for the design and content team!

    Also, we will add options that will allow dozens of additional combinations soon. So, if after a few years, you decide to change the look, you will be able to do it using the same theme and quickly.

    40+ Templates

    We created templates for the most common pages that make up a web site and for the creation of spectacular pillar pages and blog templates, which will help your visitors to stay and consume your content.

    If a section is not right for the page, you can remove it and add the needed one directly from the sections included in Ocean Pro.

    There is only one blog listing template, thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality that you can easily use, so you can change the number of columns, add new modules, among many other details.

    Plus the key features mentioned above, you have the following benefits:

    • Unlimited email support with the purchase of Ocean Pro
    • Request a customization that takes up to 1 hr to complete at no charge
    • Use the theme on as many domains as you consider within the HubSpot account where you purchased Ocean Pro
    • Upgrades at no cost month after month
    • Not what you expected? You have 30 days to request a refund... no questions asked. We'll go through the refund process and HubSpot will remove the theme from your account.

    Ocean Pro features list

    To summarize, let's go back to Ocean Pro's own features. If you want to review each of the modules, you can do it live in the Ocean Pro Theme custom modules section.

    • 38 page templates
    • 9 system templates
    • 35 Sections
    • 48 Custom modules
    • 100% customizable
    • Image, video, gradient, color and parallax backgrounds
    • Blog listing template 100% customizable in style and layout
    • Footer 100% customizable in style and layout
    • No coding knowledge required
    • Optimized for mobile and tablets
    • Multi language
    • Monthly updates
    • Day and night styling control on publications


    You may have more doubts or specific questions, so feel free to get in touch, schedule a demo and learn how easy it is to create beautiful pages with Ocean Pro Theme.

    We look forward to meeting you, but if you're ready, don't wait any longer and get Ocean Pro Theme!