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Our Coffees


Roasted Beans

Roasting is a delicate art that transforms green coffee beans into the beloved beverage enjoyed by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. The choice of roast level ultimately comes down to personal preference, and exploring different roast profiles allows coffee lovers to discover a wide range of flavors and taste experiences.

Roasted coffee beans undergo a transformative process that enhances their flavor, aroma, and overall quality. Here are some key features of roasted coffee



Roasted coffee emits a rich and enticing aroma that fills the air with its distinct fragrance. The aroma varies depending on the roast level, with lighter roasts having a more delicate and floral aroma, while darker roasts offer deeper, caramelized notes.

Flavor Profile

Roasting brings out the unique flavors of the coffee beans. Lighter roasts tend to highlight the bean's natural characteristics, while darker roasts develop bolder, smokier, and sometimes slightly bitter flavors.

Roast Level

Coffee can be roasted to various degrees, including light, medium, and dark roasts. Each roast level offers a different taste experience, from the vibrant acidity of light roasts to the robust and intense flavors of dark roasts.

Oil Presence

Darker roasts often have a slight sheen or oily appearance on the surface due to the oils released during the roasting process. These oils contribute to the rich mouthfeel and unique taste of darker roasted coffee.


The acidity of roasted coffee refers to its brightness and liveliness on the palate. Lighter roasts typically have higher acidity, offering a zesty and tangy taste, while darker roasts tend to have lower acidity, resulting in a smoother, less tangy flavor.


Roasted coffee can have varying levels of body, which refers to its thickness, heaviness, and overall mouthfeel. Darker roasts often have a fuller body, while lighter roasts tend to be lighter and more delicate.

Caffeine Content

Contrary to popular belief, darker roasts do not contain more caffeine than lighter roasts. The caffeine content remains relatively stable throughout the roasting process, but the perceived strength of the coffee may vary due to flavor and body differences.


Achieving consistent roasting profiles is crucial to maintain the quality and flavor of the coffee. Roasters carefully monitor time, temperature, and other variables to ensure consistency in each batch.

Shelf Life

Roasted coffee has a limited shelf life, and its flavor and aroma begin to diminish over time. It is best to consume coffee shortly after roasting to enjoy the freshest and most flavorful experience.


Roasting can enhance the natural sweetness of the coffee beans, creating a pleasing sweetness in the brewed cup.

Whole Beans

Whole bean coffee offers coffee lovers the chance to experience coffee brewing in its most authentic form. By investing in a coffee grinder and choosing whole bean coffee, you can unlock a world of flavors, freshness, and the joy of crafting your perfect cup of coffee at home.

Whole bean coffee offers several distinct features that make it a preferred choice for coffee enthusiasts who value freshness, flavor, and the ability to customize their brewing process. Here are the key features of whole bean coffee



Maximum Freshness

Whole bean coffee retains its freshness much longer than pre-ground coffee. The beans' protective outer layer helps preserve the aromatic oils, ensuring a more flavorful cup when brewed.

Customizable Grind Size

With whole bean coffee, you have the freedom to grind the beans to your preferred consistency, matching it to your chosen brewing method. This versatility allows you to experiment and fine-tune the taste according to your preferences.

Enhanced Flavor

Grinding coffee beans just before brewing releases a burst of flavor and aroma, as the volatile compounds in the beans are preserved until the last moment. This results in a more vibrant and aromatic cup of coffee.

Fresh Aroma

Whole bean coffee emits a delightful and enticing aroma that fills the air, tantalizing your senses as you prepare to brew your coffee.

Extended Shelf Life

Unroasted whole bean coffee has a longer shelf life compared to ground coffee. This is because the protective outer layer helps shield the coffee from exposure to oxygen, which can cause flavor deterioration over time.

Better Extraction Control

Grinding coffee beans yourself allows you to control the level of extraction during brewing, contributing to a well-balanced and precisely brewed cup of coffee.

Preservation of Oils

The natural oils in coffee beans play a significant role in flavor development. Whole beans retain these oils better, enhancing the overall taste and mouthfeel of the coffee.

Opportunity for Coffee Roasting

For coffee enthusiasts interested in home coffee roasting, whole bean coffee provides the ideal starting point for this rewarding and creative process.

Variety and Origins

Whole bean coffee is available in a wide variety of single-origin and blend options, allowing you to explore and appreciate the unique flavors from different coffee-growing regions.

Sustainable Choice

Opting for whole bean coffee reduces packaging waste since it typically comes in resealable bags, minimizing environmental impact.


We have compiled answers to common questions about our coffee subscription service. If you have any further inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

What makes your coffee shop unique?
Do you offer dairy-free and plant-based milk alternatives?
What's your signature coffee drink?
Are your coffee beans ethically sourced?
Can I purchase bags of your coffee beans to enjoy at home?
Do you offer coffee subscriptions for regular customers?
Can I host private events or meetings at your coffee shop?
Are there any special promotions or loyalty programs for regular customers?
Are there gluten-free options available for snacks and pastries?
Do you provide Wi-Fi access in the coffee shop?

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